Carnes RC Aerial Solutions

Providing Remote Controlled Aerial Photography and Video Services in the Maryland, Virginia and DC Metro area 
What We Do!
Using the latest video technology (and a really cool remote controlled helicopter) we are able to provide AFFORDABLE aerial photography for just about any occasion.  You don't need to go through the hassle of hiring a Photographer AND a Pilot, our RC Pilot IS a Pilot! Jason is one of the only FAA rated Private Pilots doing this type of work on the east coast!  We will arrive at your location ready to get into the air and start working.

Here are some examples of how we can help you:

  • REAL ESTATE - Need to put the "wow factor" into selling your home?  Are you an agent trying to sell a home? No problem - we can cover most homes in about an hour.  You worked hard to make that property shine, aerial photos will display the grounds and landscaping of the home better than taking pictures on the ground.  The same principles can apply to COMMERCIAL property as well.  

  • GOLF COURSES - Sure you can give your potential members a tour WHEN they get there - like any informed consumer they are going to do their homework first.  Give them that first impression before they get there - A video "fly-through" of each hole - you see it on national TV wherever the pros play - bring it to your course, Show off the clubhouse or showcase your course in the clubhouse with fresh photos of your course, Your grounds crews do amazing things with the greens - show it off! Hosting a corporate event? No problem.

  • INSURANCE - Roof leaking from a major storm? Survey the damage from the air without putting yourself in harms way trying to do it.

  • BUSINESS OWNERS - Grand Opening/Re-Opening? Major renovations complete and need to show it off? Aerial photos or videos provide a great way to build the hype leading up to and on the big day! 

  • WEDDINGS - Getting married? Congratulations!  If you already have a photographer, no problem.  We can work with them to help get the most unique pictures that you will always remember.  Want to film the "Grand Entrance" but not sure how to do it? The group shot from the air? We've got it covered.  

  • ADVERTISING AGENCIES - Photos from the air just look better! Newspaper ads, magazine ads - heck if you are trying to advertise your upcoming neighborhood garage sale! Do it from the air! 

We bring aerial photography to anyone who wants to showcase whatever project they may have - affordable - fast AND environmentally friendly!