Carnes RC Aerial Solutions

Providing Remote Controlled Aerial Photography and Video Services in the Maryland, Virginia and DC Metro area 


Safety is Our Number 1 Priority!  

We take every precaution so that your experience will be the best possible

  1. Weather would be the number 1 reason we would have to cancel a flight - rain, lighting, winds over 10-15kts just don't make for good/stable aerial photography (and it's bad for the helicopter) -- unless the site is indoors 
  2. We pre-flight our helicopter before every flight to ensure systems are in perfect working order
  3. We use redundant systems (batteries, radios, "auto land" feature) in the event any system fails while in-flight
  4. A safety briefing will be conducted before every flight to ensure everybody is on the same page
  5. We will not fly directly over a person or an object that the pilot deems unsafe - the pilot has sole discretion as to where and when we fly
  6. We check to see if any frequencies in the area would affect our radios